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Holthinrichs Test

Holthinrichs Brutal Elegance Ornament for Revolution Test

Holthinrichs Brutal Elegance Ornament for Revolution Test

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For Revolution, Holthinrichs created the B.E.O or Brutal Elegance Ornament. The watch features a 3D printed 38mm steel case in their signature raw finish which looks like a sandblasted treatment but is actually the way the metal emerges from the 3D-printing process.

The benefit to this is significant because although sandblasting creates a robust-looking finish, it is actually extremely delicate and scratches very easily. Conversely, the raw finish from Holthinrichs’ 3D printing is relatively resistant to scratching. It is also uniquely identifiable as Holthinrichs is the only watchmaker that uses this technique for their cases. As such, this “raw” look acts as a visual identifier for the brand.

The beauty of the raw finish is sublimely contrasted by the high polishing applied to areas such as the lugs and the crown. This is a hugely labour-intensive process. Michiel Holthinrichs, the man behind the brand, shares, “I have to finish each of these cases with a small file and sandpaper to achieve the level of refinement I feel is necessary.”

To keep the brutal theme going, Michiel selected a dial with a similar brutal sandblasted-type finish. But this is contrasted by stunning high-polished applied Breguet numerals. Says Michiel, “If you look closely you will see these numerals have sharp straight edges to keep a maximum of dramatic contrast with the dial. This idea of dynamic tension between roughness and refinement is something I learned from architecture and perhaps most from Le Corbusier.”

For the Brutal Elegance Ornament, Michiel worked on different minute tracks including applied markers but finally arrived at a technique that looks like dots fixed to the dial but actually aren’t. He explains, “Because my dials are also 3D printed, I could specify to have these dots for the minutes that stand out in relief from [the] dial but they are actually part of the printing process.” The result is a watch that expresses a sense of refined brutality that Michiel complemented with a rough and heavy buffalo strap.

For the movement, he wanted to keep the sandblasted effect and used a stunning frosted finish to the white rhodium-treated mainplate and bridges. The evidence of laborious hand work is on full display here. Says Michiel, “All the edges of the bridges are bevelled and polished by me with sharp inward and outward angles that collectors will recognise as signs of real handmade anglage.

There’s no milling machine that is capable of creating these sharp inward angles. Similarly, all the screw heads are black polished by hand to achieve a mirror-like surface that doesn’t reflect light.” Michiel’s slavish devotion to detail doesn’t end with the movement. He cuts every one of his own watch hands from extra-hard, rust-resistant spring steel and then bevels and polishes them by hand. He says, “I feel that even if you don’t tell the owner about how much hand work goes into his watch, he senses it unconsciously and it resonates with him.”

The Brutal Elegance Ornament for Revolutionis priced at 6,500USD and limited to 10 examples. Each watch takes up to six weeks to complete upon ordering, as they’re all handmade by Michiel himself. Additionally, you have the possibility to have your name engraved on the back of the watch. Please let us know what you would like engraved here, upon checkout.
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